Choosing The Right Child Care Essay

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Choosing the Right Child Care Setting
Ashley A. Jacques
American Public University
Professor Marissa Baxter Choosing the Right Child Care Setting
Infant care requires a special place, as a parent you want to make sure that your baby is receiving the proper care he or she needs in order to grow and learn. It is delinquent matter that must be taken seriously in order to be able to choose the proper care for a child. If I was looking for a child care setting for my infant 6 month year old, I would want to make sure that some requirements were up to my personal standards. According to one of the article researched tilted “Choosing a Day-Care Center” by Leah Latimer, is that the first and foremost thing that any parent should accomplish is that they need to ask questions, and the first question out of any parent’s mouth is “Is this specific center licensed?” (Latimer, 1996, para. 1).
As a parent, you want to be able to know that any child care setting of your choosing is prepared and can perform all the necessary requirements and that they are licensed to do so. The first issue to address is what I would want the physical setting to be like. I personally would want the physical setting of my own choosing for my 6 month old infant to be “homey” in a sense.
I would want to know that my child is also going to like the setting also, just by the way he or she acts towards it. Is it what I really want for my infant? And will he or she be completely safe and happy within the…

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