The Knowledge Factory: The American Dream

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After the decline of factory jobs, the certainty and access to well paying jobs are not as easily obtained as they once were, consequently making America a difficult place to live in, specifically for people of the lower and working class. Most Americans are in a vicious cycle of having to make money to spend money for necessities and dues such as bills, taxes, food, and so forth. Therefore, many Americans (which consists of mostly working class) are just getting by. This is where many turn to higher education. Many (Americans) would say that college provides us the opportunity to better jobs in order to be able to live comfortably. But is that really the only reason people attend college? According to the excerpt provided from the book “The Knowledge Factory” by Stanley …show more content…
We would certainly try to achieve that goal if we did not have other things to consider such as how easily can you receive a job if you go into the career of your choice and so forth. However, people of the lower and working-class can not always achieve that goal due to our economic and social status. We have to think rationally about how we can help ourselves and our family as quickly as possible. Where people of upper and middle class do not have to take these things into consideration and therefore can study what they desire.The argument Stanley Aronowitz makes in his book “The knowledge Factory” is valid depending on the individual. For my friend and I, he is correct. We had decided to give up on our dreams because of the uncertainty of whether or not that career choice would lead to a well paying job and therefore turned to a study where there is a higher possibility of employment with benefits. However, his argument is invalid for our friends who are doing what they first loved with no regrets. In the end, we all usually have to make decisions based on our economic or social

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