Essay on Chocoberry

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A new product can take one of several paths to reach the consumer. Distribution options depend on the product, the market, the type of retail establishment, and the manufacturer’s sales skills. Retail trade channel offers its own unique opportunities and challenges and will be determined by our target audience. As our Target consumers are adults who have been concerned with the health aspects, such as calories, fat, dental caries. There are a lot options to reach the target consumers. A list of channel distribution options for CB Company, are as follows:

- Health food stores

A health food store is a type of grocery store that primarily sells health food, organic foods, local produce, and often-nutritional supplements. Health food
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It is an easy way for customers who looking for healthy chocolate with lower calories, high antioxidants to order our products online and allows them to place orders any time at their convenience from any Internet device. Online ordering provides real-time access to information related to purchases shipments, pricing and products. The Company can keep track of evolving consumer behaviors in order to offer those products which best respond to their needs. Moreover, consumers worldwide can browse our online shop and view our products. There, shoppers can purchase the company’s core products as well as seasonal items, gift baskets and towers, and wedding/party favors. Thus, Online retailers provide benefits to both company and customer. So, company can increase sales and profits faster than a brick and mortar shop as selling online offers the advantage of having an open store, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Company must develop a distribution plan for Chocobery new, “healthy” chocolate bar products designed for adults who want to enjoy the product with little guilt. Products designed are important components of an effective brand strategy. It can help to attract the customer attention and create a new customer. Packages and size are also important it would affect company, customer and reseller. For example, Resellers want to handle products as easily as possible and want their suppliers to ship and sell products in packages that

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