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Ethics and the Media Project- Greys Anatomy
For this Media Project, I chose to watch an episode of a Grey’s Anatomy that contains a medical ethics dilemma. I watched Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, Episode 23 “Blues for Sister Someone.” In this episode, a woman asks Dr. Addison Shepherd to clandestinely tie her fallopian tubes (tubal ligation) while she gives birth to her 7th child through C-section. She does not wish to have any more children (seven is already a huge burden), but her devout Catholic husband does not allow birth control. Hence, she pleads Addison to help end her childbearing abilities (tying her tubes would be permanent birth control). She begs Dr. Shepherd to do the surgery in private so here is no medical record
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Best Outcome I believe that the best outcome in this situation is to perform the fallopian tube procedure as the patient requests, but to not keep it hidden from medical records and not to keep it a secret from the husband. Even though this decision may go against natural law (tying tubes goes against nature and Catholic rule) and may go against non-maleficence (tying tubes may create complications as all surgeries have risks), I believe the benefits outweigh the costs.
This dilemma should be reviewed with the situation-based feminist concept, as emotion and relationships plays a big role in this situation. Deciding to perform the procedure acts out of the agent-based concept of virtue, as the physician would be acting with justice and mercy (give the wife mercy and relieve her of the burden of more future children). This decision ultimately respects the patient’s autonomy, as she has the right to make decisions about her body. Following the deontological theory, she is a legal adult that is legally allowed to make decisions of her own concerning her own body. In general, physicians should follow the principle of beneficence; they have the obligation to help improve the lives of their patients. Additionally, restricting someone from birth control because of the religious beliefs of their spouse is not very fair; it bring to question the principle of justice.
Documenting the tubal ligation as a requested procedure by the patient

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