Wine Back Label Effects

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4 Wine back label effects

In this part of study, I will discuss the importance for Chinese consumers of wine translated back label statements when they are choosing wine. And also, I will find out how these factors on the back label were related by price. Ten different back label statements with price were tested through a discrete choice experiment. Three hundred thirty-one wine consumers representing the normal Chinese wine consumers were tested to choose a bottle of wine they were most likely to buy for a special occasion based on different styles of back label statements.

4.1 The importance of wine back label statements

The wine labeling literature is restricted so far to studies examining only some aspects of wine back label information such as: the importance of back label statements versus front label attributes; the perception of quality and value of wine according to back label statements; and the importance consumers attach to various back label factors. In addition to the scarcity of literature, none of these studies have examined in detail the relationship between utility levels of back label attributes and consumers’ user profiles.
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examined how back label information influences consumers’ perceived value and quality of a wine and their purchase intent. Their findings support Charters et al., concluding that the taste description had the highest value of all the attributes. Additionally Shaw et al. found that ‘‘manufacture”, also known as production statement (‘‘. . . wine went through this process”), was highly valued by their respondents. A factor significantly less valued was ‘‘parentage” which can be referred to as history (‘‘. . . family owned winery”) or ‘‘authenticity”. These findings led researchers to assert that statements based on taste and manufacturing procedures have the greatest propensity to enhance consumers’ perception of the quality and value of the

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