China 's Strong Support For The World Peace And Co Partnership

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China’s strong support for the world peace and co-partnership to achieve global prosperity
Regarding to the importance of global peace, China president expressed his position and idea, and promoted a series of practical cooperation initiatives to prevent threats, tackle world chaos and to maintain worldwide sustainable development.
China President Xi Jin-ping delivered a speech in the 70th UNGA 2015 meeting. He stated the importance of maintaining global peace that could influence the global prosperity. Nowadays, as we know it is an economic globalization era and basically all nations security are interrelated. Therefore, we need to find a new way to ensure the world is in peace continuously and have a worldwide sustainable development.
He promoted that people work together to build a new partnership and create win-win cooperation to achieve the goal of mankind. I’m appreciated the idea of the establishment of equality partnerships and adhere to multilateralism instead of having unilateralism. I believe that nations need to throw off the old idea that there must be a winner among nations and become the leader to control the weak ones to pursue a win-win cooperation new idea. Having this idea in minds is essential to ensure the world peace that nations would balance justice and interests. I think developed nations should have mutual respect and cooperation without conflicts to achieve win-win situation. Developed nations and developing nations should coexist peacefully and…

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