Children With Disabilities Education Act Essay

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Before the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, children with disabilities were not acknowledged in the educational setting. This act has been revised many times to ensure that exceptional people will be provided with the best possible education along with their average peers. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act allows students to learn in the least restrictive environment (LRE), to ensure that they are comfortable and able to actively learn (Zigmond, 1). This environment could range from a specific special education classroom to a specialized hospital. However, for many students with exceptionalities, their least restrictive environment is in a classroom at a normal public school. This causes concern for many parents and teachers who guide exceptional children through education. Many question whether or not inclusion is beneficial for the child. Some schools allow for partial inclusion (or mainstreaming), which is when a student with disabilities spends time in both a regular education and special education classroom. However, the focus of this paper is on full inclusion, which is the action of having an exceptional child in a normal classroom full time and their individualized services will be provided in that class. Is full inclusion beneficial and should it be encouraged?
The concept of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act does not recognize full inclusion as a right for students. The principal of a school is able to determine type of…

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