Childhood Obesity Essay

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Food habits in the U.S. have gone from bad to worse over the last decade and it 's only now starting to decrease in severity due to government intervention in school food programs, which is only providing a small punch to success. Only a small portion of success is being seen in these programs because of what children are eating out of school. Parents are becoming lax toward what children are doing. Allowing them sedentary hours using modern technologies such as TV, cellphones, and computers, as well as feeding them quick and easy fast food after a long day of work without the consideration that excess amounts of that food will cause health problems, and not teaching them about the harm that bad habits can cause to their physical and mental health.
One of the major causes for childhood obesity in the U.S. is the parents becoming more open to allowing their children to sit indoors on computers, phones, and couches to watch TV instead of keeping them in good health by setting physical goals to get out and play a sport or with friends. Instead of allowing laziness the parent could set certain times and how long the child can watch TV before they have to do something like take out the trash, clean the house, go out and play with some friends to get their body moving.
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It is situations like Jerri Grey’s son stated in 'Yale J. Health ', “Yet, in Ms. Gray 's case, her negligent behavior was not of a kind traditionally associated with child neglect. When removed from his mother 's custody, Alexander Draper weighed 555 pounds - well beyond a healthy weight for his age,” (2nd paragraph, “Yale”). It has become a recurring factor of obesity, and child abuse cases across the

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