Causes Of Obesity In America

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“Nutrition and weight loss experts call it an oversimplification to put the blame on a specific food for causing obesity, which is now the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States”, said and article on Obesity is excess adipose? tissue, and is one of the leading cause for mortality, morbidity and disability in America. Although fast food restaurants make it easier to access unhealthy food, they are not to blame for obesity. People make their own choices, whether right or wrong when it comes to what they eat, no one is forced to eat fast food. Some of the true causes for obesity in America is caused from genetics, unhealthy eating habits, lack of activity, and smoking. (

“Socioeconomic status
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( A restaurant must be a chain restaurant, this means that it is a part of a chain including 20 or more locations, the chain must be doing business under the same company name and also the company must offer mostly the same menu items. The reasoning behind this to ensure that customers understand the the foods and their nutritional values when ordering. Adding the calories to the menu is a sign of the FDA trying to help Americans pick healthier food options. Americans are making the continuous mistake of looking over the calories, and for some reason, still picking the unhealthy choice that they are used …show more content…
Nearly 93 million Americans have been affected by obesity, those numbers do not look as if they are going to drop. In fact, in the next five years the number of obese Americans is looking to grow by some 27 million. ( choices such as eating a poor diet, not getting any exercise, and not taking time to realize what they are eating has caused obesity to become a serious issue, fast food is not to blame. If they would just take the time to slow down the fast paced lives they are living, and come to their senses that fast foods actually are not cheaper, then there is a possibility that obesity rates could drop. Restaurants get talked down on because of the amount of calories that are in their foods why they serve such unhealthy foods, but the calories are on the menus board, and Americans are they ones with their eyes on the board and money in their wallets, therefore they are making themselves obese. You can’t blame the food if you are the one with the spoon (or

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