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Obesity is an issue with body fat. It’s where body fat takes over the entire body, use Israel Kamakawiwo’ole as a reference. It’s mainly the result of an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity and a mental disorder that makes you believe it’s impossible to lose weight [ Lau, D. 2006 ]. Obesity is one of the biggest issues in the U.S. The typical fast food restaurants are also a cause. Most people who are overweight usually notice by an abnormal body mass index and loss of capability to do the simplest things in the world.
Blame the fast foods if you want to. It is now a proven fact that certain fast food places are a big lead to obesity if you’re addicted to them. Most people don’t feel like going home and cooking dinner or making a healthy lunch to take with them right? So
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Pop Tarts, cereals like fruity loops, coco puffs, doritos, and pastries are these types of foods that completely blind some people because they look so tasty. On the boxes and packages of these foods the manufacture artists put lines and phrases that make the food appealing. “ Coo Coo for coco puffs “ is a line that makes children follow along with it so they end up eating it. “ Soul Food “ is another example because people think that just because it’s called soul food it’s supposed to literally be good for your soul.
Soda is a huge ring leader of obesity. It’s very high in carbs and is just simply not healthy because all the non natural sugars and artificial flavors. Sometimes you can get stuck in the habit of having a soda a day and next thing you know you’ve gained fifteen pounds in a month. Also artificial foods can be appealing because of all these foods that have fake flavors. People get so mixed up between what’s healthy and unhealthy so they go and eat whatever looks and tastes good to them. Hot cheetos are a very popular artificial

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