Cause Of Obesity In The United States

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According to the New York Times, a study done by Adam Drewnowski, an obesity researcher found out that “You get what you pay for”. Drewnowski discovered a person could gain the most calories with a single dollar bill buying food items, such as candy bars and potato chips. People who spend less money on junk food are more likely to be overweight. Obesity is an escalating epidemic that is happening here in the United States. Other countries look at Americans like animals one would see at the zoo, such as Pandas and Hippopotamuses due to our size. For example, if one goes to McDonalds, he or she will see someone eating a big mac with 550 calories not to mention a grand total of 970 milligrams of sodium. Eat a couple of those and one definitely …show more content…
America is the land where a person can pay $1.50 for a juicy greasy burger, immensely salted French fries and for a dollar extra you can pay for a large carbonated drink at places, such as McDonalds and Burger King. Although that $1.50 sounds like an excellent deal, ultimately it is not towards ones health. According to the Medical Daily, a study conducted at the University of Hawaii at Manoa the professor Dian Dooley of Food Science and Nutrition found that once one consumes a oleaginous food, such as a hamburger from McDonalds, takes ninety six hours to fully digest in the body. Due to all the excessive fat contents of the hamburger, the digestive tract has to work harder. People will still purchase and eat foods highly concentrated in fat, due to reasonable prices. For example, every time I go out for lunch and sometimes dinner I choose to go to Taco Bell and get a supreme burrito with a satisfying, refreshing Dr. Pepper for $1.08 or I go to McDonalds and order a mcdouble cheese burger and a salty side of fries for a total of $2.16. Myself being a college student I love bargains, such as paying for cheap food verses paying five bucks for a salad that’s most likely a day or two old. High prices for food is one of the many causes of why there is more than three million people that suffer from obesity. People do not want to pay for something like that, especially college kids. Poor nutrition is a contradiction that is in every food aisle you go through at the grocery store. Most of all foods that have so many obesogens that contribute to weight gain, such as artificial hormones in our meats, and even vegetables. However, a substitute to those foods would be switching to organic. Poor nutrition has a lot to due with the rising epidemic of obesity. For many years people have said, a person’s weight will eventually catch up with them. This assumption is true because, in my whole four years of high school, I would eat

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