Childhood Is Fun And Exciting Time Or Kids Essay

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Childhood is fun and exciting time or kids. I know it was for me. This is when you are allowed to play until the sun comes down. Eat like kings and be young. Children often access this time with feelings of happiness, bravery, and a can do spirit. This often allows kids to attack situations different from an adult. Seeing things at a different angle can help. Kids are our future so we have to allow them to grow and learn. Also taken into consideration what they have to face in order to get there. Kids endure so much just to be a kid. Now I’m not saying that adults have its easy, but kids do go through a lot. One thing that affects them the most in obesity. This is a slow killer. It effects and symptoms can have a lasting effect on a person especially a child. Kids are hurt the most with obesity and over weight problems. Something about this disease that causes hardship among the youth. Youth who too often feel a dangerous effect of being overweight. Weight that later can cause issues with the body both inside and out. Causing issues at school and home. Issues which changes their whole life. Causes of obesity can also have an impact on a child because it’s often something your used too. Something that’s a part of your life.
Many factors can cause any form of being overweight. You have heredity. Obese children are likely to have at least one obese parents, and identical twins are more likely than fraternal twins to share this dis order. Second socioeconomic status.…

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