First Generation Student

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Like I have said before, I am proud to be a First Generation student. I feel like we are the minority, though. I am glad that I have a classroom full of people that I have something in common with. With being the minority, it is sometimes hard to make connections with people. I feel like some people look down on First Generation students and others think that it is very cool. I know someone has told me, “Wow, I can’t imagine what it is like for you.” So far, I don’t think it has had much of an impact. As a freshman, as a First Generation student, I feel like I am doing pretty well. The first couple days before classes started I would hate logging in to ICON because it would make me nervous and give me this uneasy feeling having to look …show more content…
I was just really nervous. I don’t exactly know what my mom’s view on college is. She was a bit confusing. Her being from Mexico and not attending school past elementary school, she has always just been a hard worker at factory type jobs. She would always tell me to work hard and study hard so that I wouldn’t end up like her, without an education and working at minimum wage jobs. That is why she is my number one motivation for coming to college. She would also get upset with me when I would get involved with all the sports that I did and all the clubs I joined. She thought I could be spending that time working. I did have a job in high school, two actually, because I would pay for my own personal things to help my mom out. My mom had only sent off my older brother, Eli, to college and he did it all by himself. I really don’t know how it did it all. My mom came to orientation with me, but she didn’t really understand what was going on. My brother was a freshman in college about 7 years ago, and he did orientation at Iowa State all by himself and never made my mom go with him to anything. I feel like that was because he didn’t want her to miss work. That was another thing. I was involved in a lot in high school and I would always feel sad seeing everyone else’s parents there and not having my mom there. I knew if she could, she would be there. But she was always

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