Essay about Challenges Of First Generation College Students

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I. Review of Literature

The United States aims to increase the number of additional college graduates by eight million to meet future workforce demands and to maintain global competitiveness (U.S. Department of Education, 2011). To achieve this goal, requires increasing college going and college completion among marginalized groups and would be first generation college students (FGCS) (Matthews, 2014; U.S. Department of Education, 2011). Many scholars agree that in order to increase college going among this population of students, parent and family involvement is an essential component for college access programs (Cabrera & La Nasa, 2000; Dyce, Albold, & Long, 2013; Perna & Swail, 2001; Perna & Titus, 2005; Tierney & Auerbach, 2005; Tierney, Colyar, & Corwin, 2003; Villalpando & Solorzano, 2005).

Challenges of First Generation College Students
The research on first-generation college students highlight several common challenges they experience that involve transitioning to college, college persistence and college completion. Terezini et al (1996) found that FCGS experience greater difficulty than their peers in transitioning to college. In many cases, students with different backgrounds than the majority student population often experience an incongruence when they attempt to integrate into the social, cultural or academic domains (Auerbach, 2004; Engle & Tinto, 2008; Herndon & Hirt, 2004; Hsiao, 1992; Hurtado, Inkelas, Briggs, & Rhee, 1997; Pascarella, 2006; Terenzini et…

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