Essay on Childhood And The Early Stage Of Adulthood

780 Words Jan 18th, 2016 4 Pages
As I examine myself during the stage of childhood and the early stage of adulthood, I came to be very thankful for where I stand today. Both my parents came to America as illegal immigrants not being able to speak any English but wanted to pursue the American Dream. While we had to over come many obstacles, I had one of my own. Even though I wanted to believe in myself, I knew I would not be able to attend college or even think of attending an astounding University because I needed to help my parent be financially stable. I was not your common child. I had great responsibilities to deal with at an early age. When my Father past away, my mother Rosa, became a single parent raising five children on her own, which did not come easily. I was raised in a low-income urban apartment community where mostly Hispanics and Blacks lived in. With in the community there was a high crime rate. For that reason, my mother had to work very hard to overcome great disadvantages life presented us. At a young age, my mother expected me to help around the house. One of my important responsibilities was to set my alarm the night prior without my Mother reminding me to. I would wake up and get ready for school. Then I proceeded on waking up my younger sister so I could help her get dressed and take her to her babysitter only than I could finally attend school that day. That taught me to become independent and extremely responsible. That is why today, taking care of my daughter comes naturally. As I…

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