Child Support For Children And Children Essay

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“It 's easier to invade a small country than to file a court document.” Parents that fail to pay child support is a serious problem that our society faces everyday, yet it’s gone under the radar for numerous occasions. Parents are irresponsible, unable to afford it, or are forgetful or unaware that they need to be paying child support in the first place. It is difficult for a family to live off of one paycheck and support a teen or child. Child support not getting paid can hinder the relationship between families, and there are consequences if child support is not paid. Most children are financially supported by a two parent household, so when a parent has to support their family off of only one paycheck life can be very difficult. “The national average of children receiving child support is 26.6%, (Grall, 2011). This leaves many parents caring for children alone without sufficient or adequate support. It puts a lot of stress on the custodial parent as well as the welfare and family assistance programs” (Robinson). Families with 2 or more children and don’t have another income coming in are at a huge risk for welfare or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamps. Both parents are widely responsible for their dependent child’s needs, whether they live together or not. The parent with legal custody has the regular responsibilities of taking care of the child. It is the other parent’s responsibility to financially support their child no matter their…

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