Child Observation Essay

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-1Observer: Michelle Stanley Date of Observation: 3/2/10
Fictitious Name of Child: Abby Setting: Bed room and living room
Child’s Age: 3 years and 10 months Physical Description of Child: When I walked into the house Abby was wearing her princess Belle dress-up gown. Her hair is bright blonde, down l loose and knotted, her eyed are blue, her skin is pale and her cheeks are rosy.

Time Observed: 4:00pm - 4:10pm
Behavior Observed: Upon entering the house Abby politely took my jacket and hung it up on a chair. She then ran up the stairs and asked me to come see her dollhouse. She identified every little thing in her dollhouse as she was showing it to me. She showed me the “windows”, “stove”, “soap”, “mantel”,
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She is sassy and knows her own mind, as a result she has been sent to the principal’s office on two occasions for defying her teacher because she believed her teacher was wrong.

As far as the many aspects of physical development go Abby is right on track for the most part. According to the interview with her mother she is tall for her age (98th percentile) and she is of average weight (50th percentile). Her body shape and structure have changed the way they were supposed to, meaning that she has burned off almost all of the fat that she carried during infancy, and her arms and legs have lengthened so her body looks more proportionate. In looking at brain growth and sensory development Abby seems to be ahead of her age group. While most preschoolers focus on the initial letters of words and guess at the rest Abby is able in many instances to sound the word out. In observing her write her first and last name I noticed that she was actually sounding the letters out, most children her age are unable to do that. In the health and wellness aspect of Abby’s physical development she is a bit behind her peers. I noticed while we were playing in her bedroom that she had great difficulty hoisting herself onto her bed. While the most serious health problem of her peers is a runny nose, Abby suffers from those weak upper trunk muscles. When gross motor skills are concerned I noticed that Abigail was ahead in certain areas, like

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