Child Observation Essay

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Makeea S. Patterson
Workshop Three - 3.5 Dropbox
Child Development Paper
7 July 2015
Human Behavior/Social Environment (SWK-342-01A)
Indiana Wesleyan University
Instructor Beth Griffin

The child I chose to observe was 12 year old girl named Kimeko, of African-American background. This observation took place in her home, on a Friday evening, between the hours of 4PM-6PM. As this was my first observation experience, I was somewhat apprehensive about how Kimeko might react about me watching her. And although her mother had consented about the observation, Kimeko was not aware that my sole purpose for being there on that particular day at that time was to observe her; it is this scenario that made me uncomfortable. I was
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My father was not present for my childhood, and we really didn’t establish a relationship until my teen years. Hopefully this will not be the case in regards to Kimeko and her father’s relationship.
As a result of the aforementioned issues within the family dynamic and household, my observation of Kimeko leads me to believe that while she is developmentally on schedule in some areas, there are also areas in which she is not. She clearly looks to her mother for acceptance and as a guide to her moral decision making abilities, but she also exhibits the ability to make moral decisions on her own. On the Flip side, she has a strong sense of independence, as she has had to undertake a parental role in her younger sibling’s life at times. It is also clear, that based on the relationship that her mother has chosen to be engaged in, there are times when Kimeko feels out of place within the family. Based on conversations it is evident that these things are a source of angst for Kimeko. On one hand she feels a sense of belonging when the dynamic is just her, her mother, and her sisters. But when mom’s partner enters the picture, her confidence in this sense of belonging seems to diminish.
Outside of the common educational resources available to an inner city youth, Kimeko seems to have very little access to any other resources outside of the home as it relates to her

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