Comparison Between Shrimp And Chicken Paella

Shrimp and Chicken Paella

Serving size: 1
Servings per Recipe: 10
Calories: 365.5 per serving
Cooking Time: 45 minutes

1. Shrimp- 15 large, (you can also add clams, mussels, etc.)
2. Chicken thighs- 1 lb. (approximately 450 g)
3. Chicken stock- 8 cups (approximately 1.9 L)
4. Saffron- 1 pinch
5. Fresh parsley- ½ cup (approximately 120 ml)
6. Fresh thyme- 3 tbsp. (approximately 45 ml)
7. Chorizo sausages- 8 oz. (approximately 225 g), sliced bite-size
8. Garlic cloves- 3, minced
9. Onion- 1 large, diced
10. Bell pepper- 1 large, diced
11. 4 plum tomatoes, diced
12. Tomato paste- 4 tbsp. (approximately 60 ml)
13. Paprika- ½ tbsp. (approximately 8 ml)
14. Olives- 1 cup (approximately 240 ml), pitted & diced
15. Calasparra rice
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Lemon- 1, cut into wedges
4. Fresh chives- 3 Tbsp., roughly chopped
Nutrition Information:
1. Carbohydrate – 9.4 g
2. Protein- 22.1 g
3. Fat – 19.7 g
4. Sodium – 585.6 mg
5. Cholesterol – 84.1 mg
1. Heat the Green Egg at 218 degrees Celsius; set the direct cooking mode without ConvEGGtor.
2. Take the banner butter out of the fridge and let it melt in a bowl.
3. While the butter is becoming soft, take Oysters and with the help of a knife, nicely shuck them out. Remove the top of oysters and flattened shells and discard them.
4. Now, take a perforated grid and place the bowl side of Oysters on it. Further, place this perforated grid in Green Egg and pour banner butter measuring a ½ tablespoon.
5. Close the lid of Egg and cook the whole for 5 minutes. When Oysters are rubbery and bubbling, allow the butter to caramelize. When the butter is completely caramelized, your oysters are ready to munch upon.
6. Take out oysters from Green Egg and serve with lemon wedges.
7. You can also squeeze a few wedges directly on oyster and garnish chives.

Stuffed Jalapenos with Shrimp And Fish

Serving size: 1
Servings per Recipe: 20
Calories: 184 per serving
Cooking Time: 50 minutes
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Carbohydrate – 2.9 g
2. Protein- 36.5 g
3. Fat – 2.8 g
4. Sodium – 1098 mg
5. Cholesterol –209.8 mg
1. Take out your Green Egg and set it on indirect mode with ConvEGGtor. The temperature should be 204 degrees Celsius.
2. Further, take the perforated grid for cooking and cook grouper on it. Mix it with nicely with Cream Cheese, when done the cooking.
3. Now, prepare Jalapenos by splitting them and cutting their stem off. The splitting should be done longitudinally.
4. Move further and with the help of a knife, scrape off the seeds and empty the center. Keeping back the seeds means spicy pepper, which you certainly do not want if you are not a fan of heat.
5. After you have removed seeds, place the split Jalapenos under the running in a strainer. Rinse each jalapeno nicely and let dry.
6. Now, when Jalapenos are rinsed and dried, fill the hollow part with grouper and cream cheese.
7. Take a shrimp and remove its tail. Place a single shrimp in each Jalapeno.
8. Now, wrap jalapenos in bacon and place all these wrapped Jalapenos in Baking Dish as provided with Green Egg. Sprinkle the seasoning and place them on the grid for 20 minutes.
9. Turn them in 10 minutes and let them cook.
10. Serve piping

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