Personal Statement: A Career In Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering
From all of the engineering fields, I decided to pursue a chemical engineering degree because of its ample area of study. Chemical engineers not only work evaluating and optimizing chemical processes, but also they must analyze production costs and develop reports according to the data they obtain (“Occupation”). As soon as I finished high school, I was interested in studying Chemistry; I wanted to research and experiment. Then, it was when I learned about the engineering field and started to feel appealed by it. Between all specializations that the chemical engineering program has, I believe that the development of new types of energies and the development of polymers are the most interesting fields of the major. On the one hand, the rise of new types of energies is crucial when fossil fuels are no longer available,
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Evidently, experience and education play an important role for the economic outlook of a chemical engineer. The average starting salary for an engineer is $64,900, which rises with more experience in the occupation. Furthermore, some states offer higher wages because the demand of employment is higher, and they also have more resources for chemical engineers. According to an estimate effected in 2014, Delaware, for instance, is the top paying state with a $128,060 annual mean wage followed by Texas with a $120,990 annual mean wage (“Chemical”). Besides, the industry is also another influence to the economic outlook for chemical engineers. To illustrate, companies consisting of oil and gas extraction and petroleum manufacturing tend to offer more income to chemical engineers than companies focusing on basic chemical manufacturing. Indeed, as for today, the top paying industry for chemical engineers is the oil and gas extraction industry, offering an annual wage of approximately $146,820

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