Charismatic Vs. Transformational Leadership Essay

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Charismatic Vs. Transformational Many researches have examined charismatic and transformational leadership, arguing comparability and compatibility among different theories. Nevertheless, Yukl (2006) argues, “the empirical research on transformational and charismatic leadership was not designed to examine these components” (p. 330). Conceptual ambiguity and inconsistent definitions make it difficult to compare transformational and charismatic leadership, or even to compare theories of the same general type (Yukl, 2006, p. 329). Charismatic leaders and the Transformational leaders can have similarities, in that transformational leaders may well be charismatic. The main difference is in their focus (Musser (1987). Both charismatic and transformational leader are significant to organization in that one focus is to transform the organization, the other focus in one those who can be transformed.
Leadership Exchange Theory
The basic premise of the theory is that leaders develop an exchange relationship with each subordinate as the two parties mutually define the subordinates role; (Yukl; 2006, p.222). Leaders identify these members in two categories, in-group and out-group. How each group function through production is key in identifying the group distinctions. The in-group, is trusted by the leader, have more challenging roles, and there is more give and take as it relates to communication. Then we have the out-group, where trust is scarce, much of their work is less…

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