Millennials Analysis

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Anyone born between 1981 and the early 2000’s will be between the ages of 22-37 in 2018 which is considered a millennial. Older generations like the Baby boomers who are loyal to their company and Generation X are more loyal to their careers, while millennials' loyalty lies with their community . The millennials are a generation that are familiar with communications, media and digital technology. The following document will discuss the features and characteristics of what a millennial is and how they are different to other generations.
The millennials were born and raised in incidents such as 9/11, economic factors like the market crashes with many murders and shootings occurring throughout
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They are very subjective and have a desire to follow careers which are judgemental. For example, in the millennial survey conducted by the author the participants were asked if they would leave a job with good pay but bad environment or cut the pay by at least $7,000 to enter an environment that suited the individuals needs more. The results showed that more than 70% stated they would rather a better environment than better pay. The millennials tend to work in better environments as they feel better about themselves and most importantly having time to spend with friends and families. The most important factor about the millennials is the sacrifice they will do for their loved …show more content…
Most millennials distance themselves from issues that may affect the health and wellbeing, millennials are completely different to previous generations as they are more determined to work and the work they produce are at much higher standard than previous generations. Throughout conducting surveys and observing articles and websites, many millennials don’t look at things like every other generation does, an example of this is the sympathy the millennials have towards not only families but people suffering around the world. The millennials are not only different to previous generations but are more advanced and think more logically and critically when it comes to life and their decision they

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