Characteristics Of Being An Effective Teaching In The Field Of Physical Education

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In the profession of teaching you must adapt and adjust to the surroundings you’re put in. Whether it’s dealing with your classroom, your colleagues, the administration, and the parents of your students. For this assignment I’ll go over the characteristics of being an effective teacher in the field of Physical Education. The philosophies and theories that I believe in with the methods I’d in the classroom. Between dealing with the ages groups I’d be with everyday or the age I’d like to be with. How I’d assess my classroom along with how I’d discipline my students. Along with what I’d personally like to accomplish in my classroom. As an effective Physical Education teacher I must be motivated, I love impacting students through motivation. It’s …show more content…
When dealing with students in Physical Education you must be decisive, have a lot of emphasis along with using effective proven methods inside the classroom. These methods and practice all take part underneath the Philosophy tree of Essentialism. Essentialism came about when Sputnik was launched. Essentialist supporters are vocal on their view on schools that have “dumbed down” their curriculum with non traditional methods, because it resulted in lower test scores. Philosophy is important to certain Curriculums because teachers can reflect and observe off one another. It’s natural that I’d lean toward one philosophy than multiple. Our Philosophies come to action when we make our decisions.
When teaching as a Physical Education teacher you’re surround by multiple ages/grades unless you are in a school with a singular grade. But for the most part I’d enjoy teaching student in the age range of 6-9, so 1st to 4th grade. When dealing with all these different grade ranges you must adapt to the fundamentals of P.E. Because it’s good to vary your teachings I’d make my classes semi easier with the younger kids and teach them the basics. When I’m with the older kids I’d adjust my ways of teaching with advancing my methods of lesson plan to push them a bit
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Rules and safety procedures would be clearly stated at the beginning of the year to both students and parents. If students do not follow the proper procedures and rules they can put themselves or their classmates in danger. If a student would break a rule or wouldn’t follow my directions, I’d stop my class and have the student identify the rule or safety hazard that they haven’t followed. If they were unable to identify it, I would call upon a classmate to respond and assist. Following this problem I’d give the student a fair warning and if the student broke the rule a second time in the same class period i’d sit them out for the remainder of class. If this behavior continued with the same student, parental communication would be

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