Essay on Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Characteristics of a Good Leader What characteristics make a good leader? Does a good leader also have to be a good person? The answer to these questions really depends on one’s perspective. While there have arguably been many good leaders in history, not all of them have also been known to be good people. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are examples of these types of “good leaders, not good people.” Being a good leader does not necessarily mean being a good person but rather having the confidence, focus, commitment, and communication skills to guide people in achieving a goal.
First, a good leader must exude confidence is their own knowledge and capabilities. “Not only are the best leaders confident, but their confidence is contagious. Employees are naturally drawn to them…When challenged, they don 't give in too easily, because they know their ideas, opinions, and strategies are well-informed and the result of much hard work” (Economy 6). A good leader draws people in with their confidence because people assume the leader knows what they are talking about. If a leader’s confidence leaves little room for question, they will not be questioned as easily but instead they will be followed. “All great leaders have to exhibit an air of confidence if they’re going to succeed. Please don’t confuse this with self-satisfaction and arrogance. You want people to look up to you for inspiration…” (Jones 7). Arrogance is not the same as confidence and should not be confused as a good…

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