Essay about Characteristics Of A Good Friend

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Friends can have an important role in an individual’s life. They listen to one’s secrets and problems, and bring encouragement to one’s life. Friends help to aid in parts of one’s life, whether for a few hours, days, months or years. This introduces many different types of friends including classmates, co-workers, or anyone who is gained to help ease life in one way or another. Individuals look for different characteristics in a friend that makes them unique and best fits their preferences. Throughout all types of friends though, there are common characteristics. A few major characteristics of a good friend include being kind, trustworthy, and encouraging. A friend is an individual who one enjoys being around and knows relatively well. On the first day of primary school, parents/guardians will drop off their children and tell them to go make some friends. The child probably will not try to befriend the other child who is being selfish and makes rude remarks. There are many characteristics that help to distinguish between what makes a good friend, and what makes a bad friend. One of these characteristics is being kind. A kind friend will give to those in need even if nothing is expected in return. Kindness is a gesture that can be given to show you care. This could include texting your friend a complement, surprising them with tickets to their favorite concert, or even giving them help on an assignment. Kindness can boost an individual’s spirits and make them feel good…

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