The Memory Keeper's Daughter Analysis

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The Memory Keeper’s Daughter is a novel by Kim Edwards. In this book there's a couple, the husband is an orthopedic surgeon and they just had twins. He gave the girl twins away well his wife was still unconscious because she had some birth defects. When he was a little boy his sister was the same way born with birth defects and all his mother's attention went to her, he didn't want that same thing to happen to him son. He sent his daughter with the nurse who went to this home where they had no idea she was coming and told her to leave. This lead to her leaving with this new born baby to raise on her own and was she ever scared. The point of the book as I can tell thus far is about lying. I feel the husband lying about the death of his child will come back to bite him in the butt the author puts little hints in there to make you believe this.
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Caroline had never felt love or been loved and hearing this man's story really made her
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The mother's sister was over to see her and the new baby. The mother finally said his name out loud giving it meaning and making it his. She had been so sad about losing his sister at birth she didn't think his made really fit him. It was really hard for her think that she should have another baby and that her son just lost its friend of nine months.
This was a very good book well detail and always keeps you engaged. Her writing style is a lot like Jodi Picoult so if you loved her books you will love this one. I would recommend this book, i'm not a person who is big on reading and this books holds my attention. This book is well written making it an easy read. At times it's a little confusing because it bounces from character to character. To me that's what makes it such a good book you're getting everyone's perspective in a way and how they

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