Essay on Chapter Notes On ' The Night '

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Rickety Knees

“Two decrepit trolls sipping ice tea on the seashore in their underwear stood and peered at me through the palm fronds,” Gramps told me. I gasped—shocked. Though I shouldn’t have been. I knew growing up, that Grandpa Greene was the most fascinating man breathing. He had crossed oceans with pirates and deserts on dragons, spoke at least four different languages including elfish, tinkered with magic a bit and practiced sword fighting with a gnome. “So what you do?” He wicked at me. “I bolted through the trees.” “Did I ever tell you that when I was your age I caught a fish the size of a small whale with my bare hands.” His green eyes sparkling as he let slip his strange secrets, odd revelations about his shadowy past. “That same day I found a fairy in the woods. I carried her in my pocket while I explored a creepy castle looming on a hill.” “No, Gramps.” I took a deep breath my eyes the size of dinner plates. “I never heard that story before.” More incredible still were his stories about his time spent in the Kingdom of Sirethiel. “It was an charmed place,” he’d say, stroking his salt and pepper beard. “Once under an enormous pine trees I spied a centaur standing in full horse-man form, clutching his bow.” The tales had grown over the years just like the space between the mountaintops had widened. He was always tossing in some new shocking detail to make them more exciting: a Cyclops slide the two towering twin peaks apart to form the…

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