Ela Lesson Summary

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Entry 3: Writing Instruction/Assessment

Lesson Summary -
• For this prompt, I observed a sixth grade class during an ELA lesson about revising essays.
• The teacher implied that the objective for the lesson was for students to be able to revise their essays through the use of a rubric. o Her instruction was well aligned with the objectives. She used various examples and worked on a sample paper in front of the class so students could understand what was expected of them. o The assessment was also well aligned with the objectives. Students had to turn in the graded rough draft with the rubric therefore meeting the objective.
Data -
• See Appendix A

Reflections -
• In this lesson, the teacher taught students strategies that would assist them in bettering their essays. She used a sample to show how to check for grammar/spelling errors, how to vary your vocabulary and how
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Students are given a set of 10 words each Monday and are expected to complete an assignment on those words in the same day. To help students remember the words they learn throughout the year, my teacher uses a classroom dictionary for student’s reference (Beck, 109). This classroom reference resource serves as a good reminder for students (about what they’ve learned) throughout the semester. She also uses student’s essays as a way to incorporate the furthering of vocabulary knowledge for students. When it is time to revise papers, she asks students to use vocabulary words in their writing (Beck 147). This gives students the ability to use these words in a new context, helping them grasp how these words fit into daily life. To improve vocabulary instruction, I would increase the frequency of how often the students use and hear the vocabulary words of the week. Usually students don’t get exposure to the words more than once a week so my goal would be to increase this

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