Changing High School Entrance Hours Essay

1054 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Life can be a hassle in moments when least expected, lives can make 360 degree turns in a matter of time, and the pursuit of happiness grows with time. Imagine waking up at four in the morning feeling drowsy from yet another sleepless night just to get ready, sometimes grabbing the first thing you see to eat or perhaps nothing at all, then rushing off to catch the bus in the cold, unprepared for the random weather change, or in a rush trying to beat the traffic so you don’t get counted tardy. In today’s society, this is the typical morning of the average high school student. They spend countless hours of their days to find a balance in their lives worrying about deadlines and getting to class on time. If you think about it, the average student usually ends up getting little to no sleep and yet has to show up to class to listen to a full hour lecture that they may or might not be listening to due to the thoughts of getting some sleep. Changing high school entrance hours would be beneficial to many, students would get the rest they need, live a healthier lifestyle, while receiving a better education resulting in better test grades, better attitudes, and a safer environment. Sleep is an important part of our health, especially for students in high school. Students in high school tend to be undergoing a developmental stage in their lives in which getting sleep is critical. Melatonin is the chemical release known to induce sleep in teenagers at a later time.…

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