Summary: The Influence Of Stress On Teens

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In today’s busy world, some of the most important aspects of maintaining one’s health are forgotten. Although crucial to our health and survival, sleep has been pushed out of many people’s schedules, particularly teenagers. Between school, homework, after-school jobs, sports, extra-curricular activities, friends, relationships, family, and pursuing personal interests, teenagers today can barely find time to sleep. Teenagers today face an extreme amount of stress as they are expected to excel in all aspects of their lives, and this pressure keeps them from getting the sleep they need to be most efficient. Despite the fact that more sleep would help teens be healthier and less stressed, many tend to spend their hours doing “more important” activities. As a result, teenagers experiences some of the most crippling effects lack of sleep …show more content…
Often, feelings of anxiety and depression are started and enhanced by continuous lack of sleep because the area of the brain associated with processing emotions is affected by lack of sleep as well as anxiety (Nauert, Rick). Just like anxiety, depression is triggered by lack of sleep and vice versa, making those affected feel stuck in an endless cycle. Many teenagers feel symptoms of anxiety and depression regardless of sleep, so the addition of this stress only adds to these feelings. Several symptoms of anxiety and depression can in turn affect the social life of teenagers, including the previously mentioned irritability as well as a loss of motivation, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, and lowered self-esteem. These feelings can leave teenagers feeling isolated and crippled, and often causes them to withdraw from socializing with friends and family (“Anxiety and Depression in Children”). Although many recognize all the negative effects of sleep, they begin to believe they can function without it and continuously lose important hours of

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