Challenges Of The Information Technology Industry Essay examples

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1. Why do you believe some companies in the Information Technology industry are able to succeed for a long time, such as IBM, while others aren’t? (Strategies, Environmental factors, etc.)
- “The IT industry is all about innovation. Companies need to either innovative, make their products better or they die. Apple is a good example in the industry because they constantly create new products and better products. The moment they stop doing that they die. They were the first to come out with the tools like the iPhone. People are look at apple for the new best thing. That’s what you want”

2. A big aspect of the IT industry is being innovative, and being the first in technology development. How does an IT company manage to keep an edge over competitors who spend just as much if not more in research & development?
- “That’s a tough question because those who invest more tend to do better. IBM is the single largest company that spends the most in development in the industry as a whole. We developed Watsons. You might have seen the video with him on Jeopardy. He uses cognitive computing to look at databases to find the most probable answer. We are beginning to use him in health care. Where Watson would look at symptoms and recommend a diagnoses”

3. For students interested pursuing in a career path in the IT industry, such as myself, what advice would you give to them? (Skills, experiences, courses of action, Etc.)
- “The most obvious advice would be to enter into a course of…

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