Personality Of Steve Jobs

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In order to accomplish anything of magnitude, trails must be blazed, and enemies may be

made. Steve Jobs certainly accomplished both of these, and became one of the most influential

members of the technology world in the process. While he was not the most friendly or orthodox,

Steve Jobs became a juggernaut in the business world through a combination of competitiveness,

out of the box thinking, and an incredible sense of entrepreneurship, even if it meant sacrificing

the wellbeing of his inferiors.

From his very conception, Steve Jobs was set apart to be different. The illegitimate child

of two Wisconsin graduate students, Jobs was put up for adoption. From here, he was adopted by

a lower middle class couple in San Francisco. As a
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Jobs understood the business world, and was particularly skilled in his ability to

satisfy desires. A perfect example of this is iTunes. In response to the music industry’s push- back at music services such as Napster, Jobs saw a service that could appease the music people at

the same time that it conveniently brought music to consumers. Almost instantly, iTunes became

a sensation. This was just one example of Steve Job’s remarkable entrepreneurship, but we also

have Jobs to thank for remarkable inventions such as the iPod and iPhone.

By now, it is no secret that Apple does not treat its factory workers fairly (France­Presse

1). This may be in itself a problem that be traced back to Steve Jobs. In his search for perfection,

Jobs did not care about the wellbeing of others, even if that person was the co­founder of Apple

(Steve Wozniak). This attitude has leaked over to modern­day Apple factories, which have issues

with workers falling asleep on the job (1). It seems that if Jobs managed to avoid his

condescending attitude toward his peers and employees, this problem could have been avoided


Steve Jobs did not invent the computer, phone, or music player, but he did

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