Apple Case Study Analysis: Telecommunications And Project Management

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Business Philosophy Apple’s strong following of loyal customers and an ever-increasing fan base can be attributed to the company’s strive to constantly “Think Different,” as their slogan suggests. The company’s business strategy leverages on their unique ability to design and develop their own operating system, application software, and hardware.25


Along with free-spirit innovation and an open-minded approach to business, Apple’s primary focus is providing powerful and user-friendly products and solutions. Combined, these elements drive Apple to remain a world leader on the cutting-edge of corporate technology. Not only does the company consider the look-and-feel of their products and services important, but also the look and feel of their offices and staff! In communicating Apple’s primary business philosophy to potential employees, Jobs describes daily life at the company headquarters: Don’t expect business as usual. A lot of big companies are about endless meetings. Massive bureaucracy. Executive parking spaces. And suits. We don't see what any of that has to do with great work. So we don't bother. This isn't your cushy corporate nine-to-fiver. Fortunately. Prepare to be inspired. We've got an environment where you can make things happen. Fast. There's plenty of open space—and open minds. Collaboration. And of course, innovation. We also have a shared obsession with getting every last detail right. Leave your neckties, bring your ideas.26 This strategy has proven successful, and Jobs shows no signs of regret to the ways in which Apple now manages its most unique and valuable assets—its human resources. Business may change, processes may change, but people will never go out of business. Steve Jobs has created an empire around applying this philosophy to his business
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Sculley solidified his image as Silicon Valley's reigning philosopher-king when he ousted Jobs after a power struggle. The company was reeling from a series of business disasters. Chief among them was the Newton hand-held computer, Sculley's pet project. He then resigned from Apple. See PBS, “John Sculley,” The Players, Available at: /sculley.html Retrieved: October 4,

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