When I Move To College Essay

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Ever since I withdrew from a community college couple years ago, I 've been wanting to go back. I missed school a lot. I missed learning, meeting new people and I felt very useless and unaccomplished. My dream ever since high school has been to get a college degree and to do what I love. Getting a college degree would be huge not just to me but also to my parents. They never had a chance to go to a college but they did move half way across world so me and three of my sisters have an opportunity to further our education and have good careers. When I withdrew from school few years ago, I thought that that was it for me. That I will never get a college degree because I didn 't know what I wanted from life. I did not want to disappoint my parents like that because of everything they sacrificed for me so I thought about it long and hard until I came up with a decision.
When I started college right after highschool, I though I wanted to be a nurse. It would have been the perfect job since I love being with people and helping them but it turns out that is not the right career path for me. I started taking some college classes and also some pre-requisites for a nursing program which did not go well. Classes for nursing
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I have full support from my family especially my younger sister. My parents are there for moral and financial support if needed but my sister is ALWAYS there for any kind of support that I need. She is definitely that one person I can count on whenever, wherever. I also have my peaceful place where I go to when I need time for myself and nobody bothers me there. That place I can definitely use together with a library to study and do all my school work. Getting a degree would make my dream come true, make me feel accomplished and proud to achieve one of my lifetime goals. The puzzle would be complete and I would not dread but actually be ready to tackle every work day with

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