Challenges Facing The Kurdish State Of The Region And Isis 's Twisted View Of Islam

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Other challenges facing the KRG until recently were inflicted by internal conflict along tribal, geographic, political, linguistic and ideological divisions that led to a weaker sense of nationalism compared to their surrounding enemies, the pendulum has started to swing in the favor of the KRG recently however. (Gunter, 2008) Within the last several years the Kurdish state has been recognized as one of the most stable well governed areas in the region despite all the conflict and corruption. (Who the Kurds are, 2014) Other challenges facing the Kurdish state are politicians taking up the ill practices of their neighbors with family alliances and corruption that has in sued the KRG finds itself 20 billion in debt and dependent upon revenues of oil production. In spite of these challenges the retains an unusual multi-faith tolerance, and has accepted 1.8 million refugees seeking a to better their situations from more miserable war torn countries throughout the Middle East. (Dream on hold, 2016)
Role of Women in Conflict The all-out assault on the region and ISIS’s twisted view of Islam was extremely hardline regarding the treatment of women and religious minorities, the response by some with in the KRG and people of Kurdistan has been remarkable as they attempt to defend their territory and expunge the terrorists from their lands. One group in particular that has stepped up are the Kurdish and Yazidi women of the region who have formed all female units to combat ISIS, these…

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