Challenges Facing Education Of Students With Disabilities Essay

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Nigeria like every other society is made up of individuals with and without one form of disabilities or the other. Those with disabilities ranges from average physical, sociopsychological and mental behaviours and as a result cannot properly benefit from the regular educational program. Hence, educating students with disabilities in Nigeria comes with some enormous challenges. Thus, this paper takes a look at the challenges confronting education of students with disabilities. The paper first discusses the concept of special education, before taking a look at the meaning and classification of students with disabilities. Eight classifications of students with disabilities were made in this paper, while two strategies for educating students with disabilities were mentioned. Some of the challenges highlighted are inadequacy of educational funding, high cost of educational materials and equipment, lack of specialists and para-professionals among others.
The paper finally recommends possible ways of overcoming the barriers in special education so as to enable social integration between those with one form of disabilities or the other and those without disabilities.

Keyword: students with disabilities, Inclusion, Exclusion and Special Education

1.1 Introduction

Over 10% or 650 million people around the world live with disabilities (United Nations, 2011) of which 150 million children live with disabilities (United Nations; 2011, UNESCO, 2010). Over 80% of these children live…

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