Central School Has Become A Home For Myself And Many Others Over The Past Three Years

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Dolgeville Central School has become a home for myself and many others over the past three years. It has served as a solid foundation in many of the students’ lives including my own. The educators at our school have instilled a plethora of values and morals in the minds of their students, and their lessons go beyond the mandated curriculum in order to send students into the world well prepared. My coursework over the past three years of high school has primed me to become a hard worker and responsible young adult. The time management skills I acquired to balance a full workload and involvement in activities shows my commitment to personal and professional excellence. I am an officer of five different clubs and organizations: National Honor Society, Amnesty International, Interact Club, Student Council, and the Class of 2016, an indoor and outdoor track and field scholar athlete, a member of the school musical, a chorus and band section leader, a student tutor, an ex officio student board member, an all county band and choir participant, and an area all state orchestra member. Outside of school, I volunteer at a soup kitchen, play in the Dolgeville Community Band, and participated in three mission trips.
I was given the opportunity to participate in work oriented mission trips within the United States and overseas. In each area I worked in, I found prominent differences in culture, social welfare, and the issues each was faced with. In Northern Ireland, I participated in an…

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