Criminology And Criminal Justice Case Study

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I have lived in seven different households throughout my childhood. My parents had to pass me from household to household, because they were busy working day and night in order to provide for my family. I resided in several cities and states throughout these years, but the one thing that remained constant was my curiosity. Moving houses meant always having new people to get acquainted with and better understand. There was not much to do as a kid, so naturally, I listened attentively whenever my family members would tell me about their day and even tried to listen through the door when the adults were talking about their problems. My cousin being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol is a particularly memorable event. I remember …show more content…
Finding out the motive behind a person’s actions is crucial, and using the law to fight for justice is essential. In some cases, an innocent person is deemed guilty, and it is up the the attorney to fight for that person’s freedom. Unfortunately, many Chinese Americans cannot acquire the best legal representation, because they cannot speak English. This may lead to a longer sentence or higher restitution fees. As a first generation Chinese American female, this issue is meaningful and important to me, because I grew up around immigrants who cannot fend for …show more content…
I was extremely involved in co-curricular activities and held leadership roles in clubs and organizations during undergrad. I was member and the secretary of the Hmong Alliance Association, a club that spread awareness about the Hmong culture on a college campus that was predominantly Caucasian. Although I am not of Hmong origin, I strongly believe in the importance of spreading diversity and informing people about other cultures and traditions. I was a member of the Pre-Law Society and held the positions of president, treasurer, and secretary throughout all four years. I was also a founding member and the treasurer of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity. Because I held high leadership positions while making it onto Dean’s List twice, I was awarded the Sonoma State Student Organization Academic Excellence Award.
My upbringing, internship and work experience, and leadership positions have prepared me for the study of the law. I have become a self-starter and a natural leader through having to take the lead and make decisions on behalf of my parents my whole life. Being heavily involved in co-curricular activities has given me the abilities to independently manage and timely complete projects, as well as successfully contribute my skills to a team. Attending law school will only expand my skill set and will teach me the lessons necessary to help people who cannot help

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