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The founder of Taking Positive Steps and Associates (TPS), Claudine Duberry has worked in the social work field since 1992 covering various children services in several local authorities, for example mother and baby units, children homes, leaving care and the youth offending teams. Claudine has also worked in the voluntary sector as a criminal justice manager and the manager of a baby and family assessment unit
Enthusiastic about education, Claudine holds various qualifications inclusive of; a BA in criminology and social policies and an MA in Youth Crime, Probation and Applied Criminology. Claudine has also studied MA in Social work, holds a PTTLS (preparing to teach for lifelong learning) and has undertaken further studies in Child Protection
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The gaps in these service provision encouraged Claudine to establish Taking Positive Steps and Associates. As an exceptionally knowable practitioner, Claudine also worked together with the British Association for Adoption and Fostering on their Daphne project which focuses on remand and intensive fostering as an alternative to custody for young offenders. Claudine, an empathic individual is a talented, motivated strategic manager she has experience in the field of remand social work, mother and baby units, fostering and adoption, youth transition (leaving care to independent living), professional training, and consultation. Personal experience of the criminal justice system, drives Claudines determination to help and inspire young people caught up in negative cycles to find positive and constructive ways to rebuild their lives after incarceration. Claudine is a philosophical, definitive public speaker with remarkable leadership skills, and a drive to create sustainable change.
Committed to providing a tailored resettlement service, ‘Taking Positive Steps resettlement services’ will specifically target resettled young offenders to ensure they receive the best possible employment, education, health and housing
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Claudine has a strong belief in her project and its ability to expand and continue transforming young people’s lives for the future. A likely reason for Claudine’s motivation, stems from her desire to ensure that there is a sustainable solution to the alarming rates at which our youth are offending and re-offending. Research shows that young people can avoid resorting to crime if the community they live in provides positive supports for them. Throughout her career, Claudine has established partnerships and relationships with various statutory and non-statutory agencies, such as the Probation Service, Police, Youth Offending Teams, local church communities. Claudine recognises the importance of these networks and strongly believes that it is only through effective multi-agency and community partnerships that we can create sustainable social change. In addressing the findings of research Taking Positive Steps resettlement programme will embrace an inter-generational, multiracial and multi-faith approach in providing advocacy and support, in order to assist young people to become productive and valuable members of society and to also develop their self-esteem.

Claudine also Specialises in the following:
Project design and development,
Client case

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