Censorship Of The Internet Censorship Essay

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Internet Censorship One of the most publicized debates or controversial issues in the recent past is whether information on the Internet should be censored. The controversy associated with the issue is centered on whether the censorship is necessary towards the maintenance of a specific ethical standard in the society. Controversies regarding Internet censorship have also been fueled by the development and enactment of certain legislation that seeks to censor information on the World Wide Web. While there is no single resolution that everyone agrees to, Internet censorship is a topic that is being confronted and dealt with through various initiatives. Notably, proponents and opponents of censorship of information on the Internet continue raise several logical reasons to support their arguments. Generally, there is a genuine need for censorship of information on the Internet, especially with regards to illegal and unsuitable content.
Background of the Issue According to Qazi, censorship of information on the Internet has been an issue in the past with a tragic outcome (par, 2). It is seemingly evident that the government usually attempts to rush in and regulate new technology as soon as it arrives. Some examples of such initiatives include governmental attempts to regulate telephone firms and regulation of U.S. Postal Service literature in public schools. The first publicized government censorship was reported in 1864 when the government enacted laws that prohibited…

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