Essay on Censorship Of Intelligent Design Theory

1031 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
When one thinks of censorship, they state it is where one takes away a point of view from being seen by an individual because it goes against their beliefs. Thus when one fights against censorship, many times it creates a new form of censorship due to the hegemony of the environment a person wants to create. A person might stop the censorship of the theory of evolution and cause a new censorship of intelligent design theory. Or one might bring in books to read that paint everyone in a group as being good but take away any books that paint those characters in a bad light. Rather than censoring the “opposing” point of view, allowing it to be shown side by side would be a better option. Allowing such books to be provided to a student creates a more intelligent and free thinking environment where they can create their own viewpoint of the world and see other’s views as well.
Removing access to free information for students can cause problems in the relationships between a parent and the school. Parents will become angered that their way of thinking is not provided because of censorship from the opposing side. By teaching a grey world view, a student is given a way to think for themselves on what is true for them but not necessarily what is true for their parents. This provides a more comfortable environment for all and teaches a way to form new arguments that coincide with common core. Thus, both parties involved can be happy with the outcome. Obviously, this may not be possible…

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