Cellphone Addiction By Tanaka And Terry Cobo Essay

1089 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 5 Pages
In today’s society cell phone are progressing faster and faster, which each passing moment. With the advancement of new cell phones, many actions become easier and more convenient for the people to use. With each new cellphone feature gained, more people develop more reliance on their cell phones to the point where they let their cell phones take over their life. In the article, “Cellphone Addiction” by Tanaka and Terry-Cobo is about how people have a hard time giving up their cell phones. The article’s message emphasizes the readers on the overwhelming dependence of cell phones in today’s society and how that continuous reliance will eventually lead humanity into forgetting their surroundings and roles in society.
Even though many people see how useful and essential cellphones are, people still have trouble cutting down their cell phone usage. There are still many pros to having a cellphone like being able to connect with family and friends whenever and wherever anytime they’d like. However, many scientist witnesses that with too much usage of these cell phones, many people have very hard time to let go of their cell phones away. For example, “[…] 51% of those polled said it would be very hard to give up their cell phones […],” (Tanaka and Terry-Cobo). Showing people’s obsession that without their cell phones, almost no one can stop them from using their cell phones throughout the day. Also, this represents that as people keep relying on their cell phones too much, it will…

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