Cell Phones And Its Effects On Children Essay

1037 Words Dec 7th, 2016 5 Pages
How often is it that you walk down a street or in any suburban area without seeing at least one teenager staring at his or her cell phone? This situation seems implausible. The amount of children today who have mobile devices compared to twelve years ago has doubled. Nearly seventy percent of kids between the ages of eleven and fourteen have a cell phone, while eighty-five percent of teenagers between the ages of fourteen and seventeen own one as well (Davis par. 3). It is understandable that a concerned parent would buy his or her children a cell phone to obtain a type of security of knowing that his or her children are just a phone call away. However, allowing a children full control of a cell phone at too early of an age is detrimental to their development. If children are permitted to have a cell phone, their social development will be stunted, they will be easily distracted from their academics, and will be discouraged from being involved in physical activities. Before cell phones became our primary source of communication, the quickest way to reach others was to hold a conversation in person. By communicating with someone in person, the interaction will helps develop skills to analyze facial body language and how to communicate assertively. Today, young adults use texting as their primary method of contacting friends. They hide themselves behind a screen losing the crucial social skills they would master if they practiced face-to-face communication. A telephone…

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