Celebrities Are Being Rewarded Lots Of Money For Suing Reporters

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Celebrities are being rewarded lots of money for suing reporters who are greedy and do not care who they hurt along the way. How does this hurt who is involved in the news? When reporters create the news it affects everyone in the media. Families and friends are brought in and involved in the news created making it harder for the people to handle the attention. Although the media 's job is to report the news, the media is one of the main reasons news is created. Journalists are not licensed, and anyone can try their hand at it, as the Internet has made clear. People will do whatever it takes to get a story in the media because they "will twist the news based on their thoughts and ideas and will find sources to include magazines, newspapers, and television stations who will buy into the story and pay the journalist because they support what the journalist provides to them whether the info is correct or not" (Liaugminas). Any person can take a picture of a celebrity then write a story about what they want the readers to think about the person in the photos. Photographers can take hundreds of pictures to get the celebrity at the most unflattering poses with the most unflattering facial expressions, all to have something to report on. Not just anyone can decide what goes out there. "The corporate leaders of the media

Lever 2 outlet decide what news is actually published for the public to read and view," which means that people see and hear what the corporate leaders want…

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