Cdc : Tips From Former Smokers Essay

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Visual Analysis Outline
“CDC: Tips From Former Smokers” is the ad that really seemed the most powerful to me. This ad uses persuasive reasoning and methods to effectively push smokers to put an end to their small but deadly addictions. The commercial uses the famous speech that first introduced the problem of smoking and what it does to our health. It also uses facts to support their perspective towards this problem. The ad tries to relate even more to the audience by presenting a real smoker that was diagnosed with cancer, which took her life. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention sends their message through trustworthy opinion, logical statistics, and visual appearance to provide credible information to support smokers to quick their addictions. First, the advertisement gives the audience reliable facts about how harmful the effect of smoking cigarettes can be. At the beginning of the ad a speech is being given from the highly competent U.S. Surgeon General, Luther Terry, from 1964. He was the first to announce to the public that cigarettes caused major issues to the human body. A professional is giving logical information to an audience of smokers and helps them further understand the consequences of smoking. During the commercial the speech states that, “The committee has reached the overall judgment that cigarette smoking is a health hazard.” This quote from Luther Terry tells us the discovery of the dangerous effects smoking has put on America. Terry gives…

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