CDA Nince Learning Experiences Essay

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Nine Learning Experiences

Science/ Sensory: When we want to stimulate the child’s senses we start them with the sensory tables. Each table consists of a tub that stimulates a different sense. When you stimulate the senses you help to stimulate the child cognitively, and emotionally as well. This can be achieved through science experiments such as the one we did over the holiday with a pumpkin and what does it smell like and feel like on the first day what about before it is carved vs after it is carved. We do this with all the kids from ages 3 to school age.

Language and Literacy: We help the children develop these skills by interaction with each other, singing songs, reading and sharing books as well as talking with them and
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For each child can be their own person.

Emotional Skills/Regulation: This is the process and ability to feel and express a range of emotions and express them appropriately. Identifying and expressing emotions verbally is the first step in learning to regulate emotions. Our teacher’s help children learn to express emotions in acceptable ways by reminding them to their words to explain what they need ("Matthew, tell David, 'I'm not done with the fire truck yet,'" or "Holly, tell Angelica, 'I don't like it when you are bossy.'") and suggesting phrases to use in emotional situations:
"I want a turn, too."
"I want to do it my way this time."
"You can have it when I'm finished."
"Let's make a list for turns."
Managing emotions also includes the ability to inhibit inappropriate impulsive behavior when experiencing strong emotions and calming down enough to use problem-solving strategies. We have various places throughout our rooms especially for taking time out to calm down or I have two chairs in my office where the kids come and sit with me when they have an issue and we will sit and have a time out until they feel that they are ready to talk about the feelings that they were having in the situation and why and what we can do to fix the situation as well as how their friend might feel. Then we have a talk with both children. We also have many learning activities where we talk about a feeling one week and explain the feeling through a

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