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How to End the Burden of Gun Violence in the USA

It was April 20th, 1999 when, interestingly enough, on the birthday of Adolf Hitler, two students of Columbine High School, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, decided to get back at all of society for the few who had teased and bullied them. By using guns, a fire bomb, propane tanks converted to bombs, 99 explosive devices, and bombs rigged in cars, they hoped that their actions would rival the Oklahoma City bombing. Luckily, not all the bombs detonated. Yet, using mainly their guns, the aftermath of the deadly suicide massacre left 15 dead and 24 injured.
This incident, which happened in 1999, is the deadliest mass murder committed on an American high school campus. It is just one example
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I believe this amendment should be supported because Gun Control Laws and Acts decrease crime. The 1976 handgun ban in Washington D.C. caused a decrease in gun crime; in fact, it has prevented 47 deaths each year. In the U.K., where they have stricter gun laws, 6.6% of all homicides are committed by firearm. In the U.S., however, 60% of all murders are carried out with a gun. This is a large difference, and definitely proves that gun control does save lives.
Anti-Gun Activists say self-defense is a legitimate purpose for owning a gun. They use Gary Kleck’s survey, which concluded that 2.5 million people in the US use guns each year to defend themselves, as their supporting evidence. However, one percent of the US population is between 2 and 3 million. So if only one percent of the survey respondents had answered the survey dishonestly that would make the results of the survey inaccurate. According to the NCVS (National Crime Victim Survey) guns are used defensively less than 100,000 times each year. The NCVS surveyed over 90,000 people. In contrast, Kleck only surveyed about 5,000 people. Thus it would be reasonable to conclude that the NCVS provides a more reliable estimate.
Gun Rights Supporters also mistakenly believe that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which states ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’, would prohibit the kinds of legal gun use reforms I believe are needed, as stated in

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