Essay on Causes of Wrinkles.

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1. Do you always have to get a sugar fix?
Indulging your sweet tooth may be rebounding on you not just on the scale, but on your face, too. "Too much sugar in the body causes 'glycation,' which can cause premature aging," says Diana Lorenzo, M.D., of Skinhealth.
Glycation is a bonding process between fat, protein and sugar that occurs inside the tissues, where it can cause muscle inflexibility, inflammation and the production of free radicals, a culprit behind aging. You don't have to go give up sugar entirely (yet), but dial down the sugar intake and switch to small pieces of dark chocolate or low-sugar fruits when craving sweets.
2. Are you a side sleeper?
"Sleeping on one's side does not technically cause premature aging, but it
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Also, make sure to get enough time in bed.
4. Is your skin dry?
"Skin that is too dry is less elastic, making it prone to wrinkles," explains Dr. Lorenzo. It is really important to hydrate skin from the inside and outside. Apart from getting your recommended daily intake of water, make sure to keep the outer layer of your skin well-moisturized. Look for a moisturizer suited to your skin type and the climate (e.g., gel formula for hot days, cream for evenings and colder seasons).
5. Hanging out with smokers?
We already know that smoking is bad for our health and for our skin as it breaks down collagen and elastin, while the act of smoking itself causes wrinkles around the lips from habitual puffing. But you also won't be doing your skin any favors if you keep inhaling second-hand smoke. "Passive smoking is also hazardous for the skin; it's as if you are a smoker yourself when you are in an environment filled with smoke," explains Lorenzo.
Encourage your friends to hang out in less smoky venues and persuade your smoker friends to ditch the habit (if that might possibly cause your friends to dump you instead, at the very least ask him or her to smoke somewhere else). Your skin (and lungs) will thank you later.

6. Are you a sun worshiper?
"The sun is the number one culprit in premature aging, because of photoaging," reveals Lorenzo. Photoaging is a term used for the skin's aging reaction

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