Essay about Causes And Effects Of Stress

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The Causes and Effects of Stress Stress; a normal feeling all ethnological beings get during certain periods in their life. In more of a scientific explanation; its a moment in the body where the fight or flight hormones, adrenalin and cortisol, speed up the heart, slow digestion, and shut down blood flow. Stress, no matter how small, can be a burden during times like taking an exam or going to a job interview, though for some people stress is an every day issue, a constant factor in their daily schedule. For those people, stress can have a strong grasp on their life, causing them to make decisions based on their stress levels at that moment. “An integrated definition,” from the scholarly journal by Firdaus Dhabhar, “stated that stress is a constellation of events,” that simulates the brain and activates the physiological fight-or-flight system in the body. If a regular person were to go to take a test they would get that nervous, anxious feeling before they arrive at the testing center and then once they started the test their body would relax, their BP (blood pressure) levels would decrease and there heart would slow down, ridding themselves of that uneasy feeling. Though, for some, they have to deal with that kind of stress even if they are not taking a test. Stress at such a high velocity is no longer just your average, run of the mill, stress most deal with. When stress becomes a prominent part of a person 's life without relief it forms into a condition called…

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