Cause And Effect Of Driving Essay

1130 Words May 27th, 2016 5 Pages
“…Every day nine people die and 1,060 people are hurt in crashes where distraction is reported as a cause. That’s a death every 2.6 hours, and 44 injuries an hour.” ( This information was only derived from the crashes that were reported to police investigators; so, just imagine how many more incidents go unidentified. The world has become so engulfed in technology, along with fanatical pleasures, that society has forgotten to put safety first while driving! A wide range of drivers, sixteen and up, experience situations in which they’re distracted from the road. Once they become distracted, they lose train of thought and their brains seem to forget that they’re operating a motor vehicle. Several people fail to realize the harmful effects that come along with distracted driving because they feel they can multitask; unfortunately, a handful of those people find out the hard way. There is a list of distractions that affect a driver’s ability to focus on the road: texting while driving, talking on a hand-held device, surfacing the internet, and eating. For this reason, several people have come up with different approaches to solving this growing issue; these new options lie in technology and legal actions. Society has drastically changed by the advent of new technology. “ Increased reliance on electronic devices has led to a rise in their use by drivers….”…

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